Sorry, Don’t Have a Title! You okay with that? ; )

I once went through a long season where I spent over four hours on an average, day in the Word of God, sometimes up to eight hours.  That still felt like it wasn’t enough.  I was feasting, ingesting, enjoying, drinking it in along with revelation of many truths and more importantly being in the midst of the Father’s heart.  He was right there with me and I was very aware of it.  I loved it.  I miss that season in a way because it was a heavy learning season for me.  What I learned and experienced more than anything was the Father’s love.  It felt like I was wading in it.  In that season He even gave me a nickname.  He simply dropped it into my spirit.  I wept.  For days.  I wept.  His love is so real.

It has been years, more than a decade, since that season, probably closer to fifteen years.  I have had dips and peaks of my time in The Word but it’s difficult to compare the time of thick lexicons and commentaries laid out on a desk to this digital age.  So, I won’t.  This isn’t about comparing my lack or abundance, but it is about sharing His abundance.  I have that personality that is deep and wide.  That is a nice way to say, “I’m all over the stinkin’ place”!  I like and thrive in routine but tend to often find the inconsistent route.  I seem to always be reaching for something to stream line myself so I may be more productive or less of a day dreamer.  I’m sure there is a medication out there that may be able to curtail my whims.  I have learned that M&M’s aren’t the answer.  : )

Anyway, I shared this for one reason, and it is this: I had a dream yesterday.  Have you ever had a dream that you know the Holy Spirit just dropped into your night time hours, or maybe during the day?  I remember weeping in my sleep because this dream was so filled with His love.  I had stayed home from work not feeling well and woke up much later than I normally do, just in time to say goodbye to Mike for the day.  As I was hugging him good-bye, I remembered the dream and shared it with him.  He was touched by it too. Now, I will share it with you.  It is a very simple and short dream but so profound, so generous, so beautiful.  Please accept is as if it was dropped into your night time hours too.  You see, I like sharing.  So does He!

I was walking in a grassy area and saw a picnic table.  As I got closer to the table the Father’s love became more intense.  I could feel His love within me and only increasing as I approached the picnic table.  There was nothing on the table.  It was simply a green picnic table in the dream.  I walked up to it and sat on the top of the table.  (Have you ever been driving down the highway on a hot summer day and the heat on the road makes the distant landscape look wavery and shimmery?. That’s what His love looked like in my dream.)  For a moment I was outside of myself, further away from the table just long enough to see His love impact me.  Then He spoke to me.  He said, “Don’t sit ON it.  Sit AT it and eat of it with Me.”  Then He revealed that the picnic table was The Word.  His Word is the feast that He has prepared for us. Those waves intensified as I stood up and moved from the top of the table to sit AT the table with Him.  I’ll say it again.  I wept.  I wept while I was asleep having the dream and every time I have thought of it since.

Have you sat ON The Word that you have heard, read, experienced in the past?  Is it time for us to sit AT the table with Him again? There is nothing that compares to being in His presence.  Nothing!  I assure you that you will be grateful that you did.  And you will weep because that is what happens when Love Himself pursues us and we allow ourselves to be caught.  C’mon, pull up a seat next to me and we will weep together.